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Somerset and Steam Trains

        Do you enjoy steam trains? I do, love them every since my granddad took me on one when I was a kid. Any opportunity to ride on one and I am there.  Last week we had my niece to and nephew to stay and I was  getting a bit desperate trying to entertain 10 yr old twins. Then my super Hubby surprised us with a trip on a steam train last Sunday. We went on a 20 mile trip on a West Somerset Railway steam train. The railroad is the longest heritage railway in England and we were booked onto the Heritage Hunter. This involved downloading an app onto our tablet, from this we learnt history of the line and stations along the route. At every station we had 5 tasks to perform and if you scored 100% you were entered into a draw for free tickets.  The kids loved it and I must be honest we did to. There are buffet cars onboard and time to grab lunch at one of the stops. All in all a fun day and one to do again as there are different itineraries stopping at different stations. A great way to get around Somerset and see some places without the hazzle of driving. The only down side was when we got home and found a flood!! Unbelievable something to do with boiler, insurance will cover it but need to replace some things now – the carpet being a priority…oh it smells, don’t know what was in that water! So had a look online and chatted to some friends and have taken a loan out from really pleased with the whole process so straightforward. Packed the kids off back my sister and we booked into a local hotel for a couple of days till the smell has gone…well why not treat ourselves..lovely indoor pool at this...

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