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Cheddar Gorge

One of the reason Pete thought I would be happy in Somerset is because of my addiction to a certain TV serial, PHP The Time Team. I love history, have since I was at school. wholesale nfl jerseys I have always enjoyed researching the places I visit but I will admit it was normally abroad. I found a video of a Time Team in Somerset, a little long but well worth watching. So last week Pete and I decided it was time I actually saw the Taunton Cheddar Gorge and have a trip to the sea. Not too Somerset? sure about the sea part given the time of year but who turns down a day out From with their hubby, not me. It took about an hour from Taunton on the M5, longer than expected because of an accident, normally about 45 mins. launched The Cheddar Gorge is famous throughout the England, at almost 400 feet deep and three cheap nfl jerseys miles long it is the largest forge in England and certainly spectacular. Although bit misty wholesale nfl jerseys when we got there early morning it cleared up. It really is awe inspiring, knowing that it was formed over a million years ago during the last ice age. It was then that water melting off wholesale jerseys the glaciers formed a river, which over time changed the limestone rock into the formation you see now including the Cheddar Caves, now we Somerset didn’t go in the caves on that visit as I was wearing heeled boots (I know Ceres I wasn’t thinking) but plan to come back and spend the day, appropriately attired! I have since looked online and there are guided tours and trips you can take to the Anniversary Gorge or there are tips to help you plan your day so you don’t cheap nba jerseys miss anything. Wonderful thing the internet isn’t it? So Cheddar Gorge, tick, seen and plan to re...

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