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Somerset – Full of Surprises

I have discovered since coming to Somerset that there is always something surprising happening. I love music, and although we weren’t there last year, we’d like to be at the Glastonbury Festival, except I’ve heard that all tickets have likely been sold out already. I wouldn’t be surprised as its massively popular. Probably what I love is that this pop festival, which runs for about 5 or 6 days, takes place at a farm and literally thousands of people pitch up for this festival of contemporary performing arts. It’s a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts, but it’s not only about music, but theatre, dance and circus as well as other arts. You can just imagine all the logistics that go into putting on such massive entertainment, like the provision of water, bathing facilities, food and electricity. I’ve heard this is something not to be missed – a real coming together of lots of interesting people and Somerset rises to the occasion each...

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Somerset and the myth of Avalon

The most famous legend of King Arthur has its origin in Somerset. It is home to the mystical Avalon myth. Glastonbury a small town is supposed to be the site of pre-Christian worship. Glastonbury Tor with its mystical view gives food to this myth. The hazy landscape and the different colours add to the atmosphere. The natural beauty of the place is unmatched. The now much eroded terracing pattern at the foot of Tor, can be a maze. If it is indeed a maze it was made almost five thousand years ago. Not only is Somerset mystical place, it is also a history which we do not know much about. The famous island of Avalon, known as the glass island is a beauty to behold. The very atmosphere can give you a chill down your spine. For the people who believe in the legends, it was the isle of enchantment. The lake itself is home to many stories. The mystical fairy folk and the blood bath rituals all bring to fore the mystery. It has been the foothill of King Arthur’s legend. Many stories about Morgana and Arthur having a child together, who later became Arthurs’ bane, have their origin here. If stories have even a bit of truth Arthurs’ body is still afloat on the mysterious lake. A church just besides the lake adds to the mystery. It is supposed to be the abode of arch-angel Michael who always fights the dark. The legends have been about darkness and mystery and magic, but the place does have the magical nature still.  ...

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So why Somerset?

Hi there, my name is Sophie and I am an east ender, born and bred.  Love the wholesale jerseys city life, the hustle, the bustle, THE SHOPS! I like meeting my mates for a wander round the market and a few glasses of wine after.  Being in London is being central to everything important in my life but it is also expensive, stressful cheap jerseys and tiring – travelling by tube is not the most pleasant of experiences especially at rush time. So you Idea ask why are you, a bona fide city girl, writing about Somerset? The answer is simple, because of love. I have moved here lock stock and smoking barrel because of my husband. My husband, Pete, was headhunted for another job near his home town of Taunton. Now I knew he has wanted to go back for some time, I know he has lived in London these past 5 years to alles? keep me happy; about time I responded in kind. Now there are a lot of pluses with this job, increased salary, relocation monies To and most of all Pete really wanting to do this particular job. Taking this opportunity also meant I did not need to work full time. We moved here a couple of months and I decided to start this blog to share my adventures in getting to know Somerset and as a way of keeping family and mates in London updated. We are renting a house in Taunton for now, while we look around for where we actually want to live. Pete’s relocation money from his new firm is allowing us to take a little time in deciding. So my plan of action was initially to discover cheap jerseys Taunton and then explore different parts of the county, keeping an eye open for houses and jobs for me., I trained in tourism so I hope I will not have too much trouble getting work. Not too interaktywnymi worried about working until after Christmas though.. In fact I am getting quite excited about getting to know Somerset as what I have found so Welcome far is interesting and...

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