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Starting to settle in.

  After a very pleasant Christmas here in Taunton with the family we decided to treat ourselves and spend New Year up in London with family and friends. Now it is back to our new life in Taunton. I found it much easier to settle this time. I was, I guess a bit disorientated when we last came back from London, like I was coming on holiday not coming home. Strange feeling but did not get it this time, actually looking forward to having some peace and quiet after the riotous times with family over the holiday period. You would think we were in America they way they go and not just an hour away by train! Now the New Year is well underway, hubby is knee deep in work and it is time I started to look around. What I have found interestingly enough is a request for Red Cross Volunteers, no experience necessary as full training will be given. I thought I would give it a go. I have always been interested in nursing and this seems a good way to learn something new and meet new people. I have also been told you get to go to quite a number of events throughout the area, interesting! Also would look good on my CV when I get around to needing one. Saw the advert in the local online paper Somerset County Gazette, and told Claire about it and she is planning to come along with me to see what it entails. I am also keeping my eye out re jobs in this new restaurant chain that is opening in market House in Taunton center, expected to be 35 jobs going, and there might be something to suit...

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