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Cider in Somerset

  My city friends who come over to visit me always expect cider, Somerset cider is something well known throughout the UK but I sat drinking a long cold cider the other day and realised I know almost next to nothing about it – except the one I was drinking was going down very well as did the next few! The history of cider in the UK goes way back,all the way  to the origins of apples in our country. For a more in-depth history than I want to write, take a look at this article. It follows the origins of apples and cider from pre Roman times to present day. I decided I had to visit a Cider distillery and after a bit of online research,  I organized for a group of us to visit The Somerset Cider Brandy Co @ Burrow Hill Cider farm. What a fabulous day, the place is gorgeous and we took our time and explored and listened to all the interesting information. What attracted me was that the company is part of the Slow Food Movement, where good local produce grown organically is the focus. I am very interested in a sustainable life style and I must admit this was a bit of a surprise for me, reminded me to not be so city arrogant! Really worth going and given the nice days we have been having  go sooner than later but with our notorious weather pop in some wellies as I expect the walk could get muddy. You will not miss them but make sure you do meet up with the alpacas…my new favourite animal. Plan to visit another cider farm later in the month, addicted to it now, Sheppy’s Cider farm, another distillery that has been around for over 150 years.  Let you know how that goes next time.  ...

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