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5 places to see in Somerset

So many places to visit and explore and yet so little time we have, right? If you find some time for travelling, there is one special place I would like to recommend- Somerset. You’ve probably heard of this county in South East England but you wouldn’t believe how beautiful the place actually is. I was pretty astonished too. There are so many places to see in Somerset and I have finally found my heaven on Earth. Where to begin? This beautiful place has something for every taste. You can spend your time fishing, climbing, birdwatching or you can simply go to carnivals and festivals. It is pretty hard to single out places to see in Somerset, but if I really have to, I will name several. One of the best places to go in Somerset is the SeaQuarium. Visiting the SeaQuarium is a great opportunity to come face to face with the most colourful and weird creatures you didn’t know existed. Those who want treat themselves with a great massage in a heaven-like atmosphere have a pretty great selection. Holbrook Spa, The Spa at Charlton House, Buff Urban Day Spa and many others are on the table. No matter which one you choose, you will find out what being pampered really means. On the other hand, if history is your passion the museum of Somerset is the right place for you. This is the place where you can find out facts about the county’s fascinating history, not only related to the magnificent Stonehenge but so much more as well. There are many other objects and artefacts that date back to prehistoric times that are waiting to be...

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