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What do you know about Recycling in Somerset?

Coming from a beautiful region like Somerset, it´s only natural to be passionate about the environment. It is something we cherish as part of our heritage and daily life. It is also the basis for tourism, our economic lifeblood. A massively important part of caring for the environment is recycling. It saves energy, reduces waste in unsightly and polluting landfills, and conserves resources. Recycling in Somerset is really easy and just requires some simple habits. The council provides two recycling boxes, usually green and black. Box one is for paper, glass and foil. Box two is for cans and tins, cardboard, aerosols and plastic bottles. Want to improve your knowledge of recycling in Somerset in a fun way? The Bristol Post recently published a Bath and North Somerset recycling Quiz. It´s really useful as it deals with the nitty gritty of recycling that I for one wasn´t sure about. For example, how to dispose of cooking oil, whether it´s necessary to remove sticky labels from recycled products, and the specifics of wheelie bins. You can find the quiz on the paper´s website and it´s definitely worth having a go at. I challenge you to get all the answers...

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