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Somerset – Full of Surprises

I have discovered since coming to Somerset that there is always something surprising happening. I love music, and although we weren’t there last year, we’d like to be at the Glastonbury Festival, except I’ve heard that all tickets have likely been sold out already. I wouldn’t be surprised as its massively popular. Probably what I love is that this pop festival, which runs for about 5 or 6 days, takes place at a farm and literally thousands of people pitch up for this festival of contemporary performing arts. It’s a five-day festival of contemporary performing arts, but it’s not only about music, but theatre, dance and circus as well as other arts. You can just imagine all the logistics that go into putting on such massive entertainment, like the provision of water, bathing facilities, food and electricity. I’ve heard this is something not to be missed – a real coming together of lots of interesting people and Somerset rises to the occasion each...

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