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A year here and all the changes keep coming.

    Well it’s a year since I came to Somerset and nearly a year since I started this blog. So many things had changed from where I was a year ago. I never thought I would settle here but I have and looking back have had such a good year with so many interesting things to do.  The other up side is when I go back to London I see it with fresh eyes and even have discovered places I did not know when I lived there. I have learnt to explore and accept things that are new, a personality growth I am going to need in the near future. Because I am PREGNANT. Yea…we are so excited. It is not planned but not an accident if you know what I mean, something we wanted if it happened and it has. I am two months  so only another 7 to go!! I will try and not turn this into a baby blog but well it will happen so letting you know now! Although I intend to still keep exploring the area I plan to bring my children up in. Now after sharing that good news I have some more I am off to London for the weekend for a theatre weekend. I also plan to tell my mates this weekend, I think they will guess when I don’t drink anything. We plan to go and see the Jersey Boys @ the Piccadilly so excited I have heard it is a good show. Then the following day Shopping, shopping shopping.  Clare is coming with me and that is another plus for this year meeting this lady and our growing friendship has certainly help with settling in here.  We have also started seriously looking at homes in and around Taunton but not sure even now where we want to be, any recommendations for a good estate agent? Been looking online but I think I would like a more personal contact to help us sort out exactly where we want to be, have to think of school and nursery’s and all that stuff… but not this weekend. Sorry not a lot about Somerset today but really pleased to share my news with you all, and if anyone knows of any antenatal yoga and swim classes in Taunton please let me know as I would like to start attending...

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