Somerset golf – It’s tournament time!

The eastern county is hosting the many tournaments that make up Somerset golf again this year. The clubs in the area have been preparing for this busy time of the year. The greens have been trimmed, and the golf carts are in perfect working order for the many rounds that will be played. Somerset Golf is as alive as ever, and this year’s various tournaments are drawing the attention of the players, enthusiasts and spectators. Somerset has some of Britains most beautiful countryside and boasts of pristine golf courses with a total of 31 golf courses altogether. September is ocal golf tournament time in Somerset County, and players have been practising their swings and eyeing up their competition throughout the year, for these eventful moments. Hopefully, they get the weather that they have wished for. After all, it was named ‘Summerset’ for a reason. Golf is a long established tradition in Somerset, spanning over a hundred years. The county attracts world-renowned players, such as Tiger Woods to its classy golf courses. Come join them all September, for some eventful rounds, and the opportunity to bask in wonderful sunny weather, pretty green fields and a great...

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