Interesting Facts

A year here and all the changes keep coming.

    Well it’s a year since I came to Somerset and nearly a year since I started this blog. So many things had changed from where I was a year ago. I never thought I would settle here but I have and looking back have had such a good year with so many interesting things to do.  The other up side is when I go back to London I see it with fresh eyes and even have discovered places I did not know when I lived there. I have learnt to explore and accept things that are new, a personality growth I am going to need in the near future. Because I am PREGNANT. Yea…we are so excited. It is not planned but not an accident if you know what I mean, something we wanted if it happened and it has. I am two months  so only another 7 to go!! I will try and not turn this into a baby blog but well it will happen so letting you know now! Although I intend to still keep exploring the area I plan to bring my children up in. Now after sharing that good news I have some more I am off to London for the weekend for a theatre weekend. I also plan to tell my mates this weekend, I think they will guess when I don’t drink anything. We plan to go and see the Jersey Boys @ the Piccadilly so excited I have heard it is a good show. Then the following day Shopping, shopping shopping.  Clare is coming with me and that is another plus for this year meeting this lady and our growing friendship has certainly help with settling in here.  We have also started seriously looking at homes in and around Taunton but not sure even now where we want to be, any recommendations for a good estate agent? Been looking online but I think I would like a more personal contact to help us sort out exactly where we want to be, have to think of school and nursery’s and all that stuff… but not this weekend. Sorry not a lot about Somerset today but really pleased to share my news with you all, and if anyone knows of any antenatal yoga and swim classes in Taunton please let me know as I would like to start attending...

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Starting to settle in.

  After a very pleasant Christmas here in Taunton with the family we decided to treat ourselves and spend New Year up in London with family and friends. Now it is back to our new life in Taunton. I found it much easier to settle this time. I was, I guess a bit disorientated when we last came back from London, like I was coming on holiday not coming home. Strange feeling but did not get it this time, actually looking forward to having some peace and quiet after the riotous times with family over the holiday period. You would think we were in America they way they go and not just an hour away by train! Now the New Year is well underway, hubby is knee deep in work and it is time I started to look around. What I have found interestingly enough is a request for Red Cross Volunteers, no experience necessary as full training will be given. I thought I would give it a go. I have always been interested in nursing and this seems a good way to learn something new and meet new people. I have also been told you get to go to quite a number of events throughout the area, interesting! Also would look good on my CV when I get around to needing one. Saw the advert in the local online paper Somerset County Gazette, and told Claire about it and she is planning to come along with me to see what it entails. I am also keeping my eye out re jobs in this new restaurant chain that is opening in market House in Taunton center, expected to be 35 jobs going, and there might be something to suit...

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A Few Facts about Somerset

What did I know about Somerset, not a lot really, International despite Pete coming from there we never really talked about it or visited. I knew Glastonbury and the Cheddar Gorge where there and they make cider. The sum total of my previous knowledge. I know a bit more now and learning more every day. I decided  a visit to Taunton library was in order wholesale MLB jerseys to organize my plan of action for learning about my new home. First thing PAPER I found out – 3hr 30mins to drive here  from London, straight down the M25, mmm a fairly busy motorway! An alternative route to visiting London, direct trains from Taunton to London Paddington only takes 2 hours. So going up to London for the day is a viable option.  Yea! Now for some ‘did you know ‘question and answers? Did you know Somerset was called the land of the summer people by the trip ancient welsh Celts and Saxons? This was due to the fact they could only live off the land in summer cheap nba jerseys as it flooded in winter. Did you know the smallest city in So England is in Somerset? It is the City of Wells. Pete and I are heading there for the weekend beginning of December; cheap MLB jerseys they have a winter festival, with a reindeer parade and Christmas market. I love Christmas Markets! Did you know that there are 32 farms dedicated to the production of cider? Taunton and Shepton Mallet is where you will find the largest cider plant in Europe, producing Blackthorn Cider. Did you know that one of the oldest engineered roads wholesale NFL jerseys is in of Somerset? It is called Sweet Track after the person who found it, I has been dated to 3807 and 3806 wholesale jerseys BC. And the final one for this post; did you know its snows more in Somerset than anywhere else in England?  Wonderful! I thought you might enjoylistening to a song about Somerset, called Land of the Summer People, not my cup of tea and freaked me out a bit in that it was all fields and countryside but...

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