Somerset History – The Gournays Legacy

Somerset history dates back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages. This small area in England has seen many changes over the years and is known for its preserved history. The Somerset history has a very special mention of the Barrow Gournay village, a small area with rich history supporting it. The rumour of>deposing a King the ‘Gournay’ way has prevailed for centuries. The rumour was that the King was killed by Thomas Gournay in a brutal and torturous way. The rumour may be a story but is incredible one with violence, betrayal and sex as Gournays were very loyal to the Royal family. King Edward II was the king in 1307 and was a handsome king with homosexual inclinations. In spite of having four children from the marriage, his passion for male lovers led to his downfall. The Queen teamed up with her admirer Robert Mortimer and imprisoned the King. They waited for him to die but the King lived on. Ultimately Sir Thomas Gournay who was the charge of imprisoning the King got tired of guarding the King and murdered him and the mention of hot poker is the start of the rumour. This is the famous story from Somerset where the Knight kills the King in the most brutal...

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