Four Months and Showing…


Reading a book to another is a joyful experience


Did not intend this blog to become a baby blog as I was going to start a new one but been a bit under the weather since  middle of December and can’t seem to get motivated. The weather is not helping it is so b***** awful, cold, wet windy and hubby has been working all the hours he can. I know I am having a moan and I am sorry but sometimes it is easy to write what I am feeling rather than say it. hearing my own voice whining makes me cringe never mind anyone else.

Voluntary reading and scratch tickets

One nice thing I have been doing, is some voluntary reading at the library and surprisingly enjoyed it. An elderly lady heard me reading to a small kiddies group and said she like my voice and would I read to her as holding book was getting difficult with her arthritis. I arranged a time and she came to the library and I read to her for a couple of weeks until the weather got too bad for her to come out. I told her that it would be better if she read books instead of playing as the later just costs money with nothing in return.

I have been chatting with the librarian about the need for readers. I also think they should have some Kindle or other reading device that could be rented out for those who cannot hold a book comfortably, not all like to use cassettes I have found. What I am really interested in though is starting a voluntary reading group. Collecting like minded people and offering a reading service at the library or in a person’s home or at an  old people’s home or hospital. I am going to do some research on its viability when the weather lets up. Doing some online research at the moment and looking if can get a grant or donation to set it all up, maybe I can chat to the Freemasons, Round Table or thats a thought my neighbour is a Rotarian they might help.

If anyone has any ideas re this I would to hear.

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