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I had friends up for a weeks holiday this month and we had a great time. the last time they were over was for  Glasto –The Glastonbury Festival in June. I realised when I came to the blog today that I did not write anything in June…I think it was because I was recovering from that weekend of music, food and drink – especially the drink  I think.  Looking at the pictures we took and reminising over it brought back what a great weekend it was. Although we live near(ish) we camped with friends over the weekend and learnt a lot.  I never knew how much people left behind, unbeliveable; tents, tables, all sorts of bags and baggage. I was amazed at the waste! Never did find out what happened to it – all dumped or sold on for charity?? Anyone know, I would be so interested to find out.


Fabulous Glasto or The Glastonbury Festival held every year in Somerset


Somerset has something on nearly every weekend and especially in summer, its great! Using the library, Google and locals I found some amazing places to visit. One we visited when friends where here, was Weston-Super-Mare. Lovely town, which hosts a sand festival every year from April to the end of September. This year the theme was Hollywood and there was some amazing sculptures.  As a Jonny Depp fan the one below was my favourite.If you are in the area well worth a visit. We stayed at a lovely B&B there are so many to choose from and ours was a short walk from the beach and town, suited us perfectly.

A sculpture from the Weston-Super-Mare Sand festival theme Hollywood in 2015

Weston-Super-Mare sand sculpture


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