A Brief glimpse of Bath

Well I have made a friend, Claire a lady I met at the library we just sort of clicked, she been really helpful to me in finding my way around. From her I got information about an Old Colony Historical Society, they have a museum here in town. In December they are doing a Christmas Ornaments Workshop so I am going to go with my Claire and see what it’s like. Sounds like fun.

Well Claire invited me to go with her to Bath last week, she had to go and deliver something to her family there, sounded great as it is on my list. So we went by train, it only took an hour and Claire told me some of its history on route. Bath became part of Somerset after the region of Avon was demolished in 1974. As geothermal waters bubbled to the surface as hot springs, Bath first became a spa in Roman times, called Aquae Sulis meaning water of Sulis; Sulis or Minerva was a goddess to whom the springs were dedicated. Bath has continued to be a spa up to today although its heyday was in the Georgian era and the era most loved by romantic writers. Bath is now a World heritage site and you can see why. We visited the Royal Crescent, you can almost imagine the carriages and elegantly dressed ladies pulling up. I found Bath exactly as I had imagined it, elegant, attractive, and very regal. More than I imagined really. This is somewhere I want to come back to and explore more; I quite fancy becoming a Bathonian.

There are few videos I found on Bath but I didn’t want to share a tourists view, I quite liked this one, what do you think?

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